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With Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship life cycle management) will take you to interact with your clients’ businesses and increase sales opportunities. 
Brandpepper provides complete Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations, making your organization more customer-focused can operate. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is its online CRM solution for sales, customer service and marketing in version 2011.

Sales Productivity
Increase sales and watch your sales in real-time insight efficient applications for analysis and tracking the sales pipeline.
Latest Outlook client
Take advantage of the powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook.

Discover data trends and gain insight into customer data with our robust features for data visualization, real-time dashboards and powerful analysis.
Service Productivity
Improve and streamline service processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM escalation.

Complete CRM package

Optimise your sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Take advantage of the clear interface and built-in Microsoft Office functions to be customer-focused, success rates and shorten sales cycles increase. Through a personal and straightforward interface, you can work with familiar features. The all-in-one system clearly supports customer service staff in clear manner. Make every moment of contact a marketing opportunity and use the potential of your customer base. With a Microsoft Dynamics implementation of Brandpepper increase your effectiveness and productivity.


  • Improve your sales planning and management
  • Automate your lead system
  • Leverage your opportunities effectively
  • Streamline Account Management
  • Boost your sales productivity
  • Improve your pipeline management
  • Simplify your workflow
  • Set in Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Make better decisions through insightful data

Customer Service

  • Insight into management accounts
  • Improve customer service
  • Respond directly to new cases
  • Simplify contract management
  • Find the right information at the right time
  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Express
  • Make clear plans, including all resources and people needed for optimal service
  • Set up processes that a connected, collaborative and integrated organization enabling


  • Manage your data effectively
  • Make marketing activities
  • Streamline your campaign planning
  • Simplify the implementation of campaigns
  • Improve response management
  • Streamline lead tracking
  • Add Microsoft Office in your workflow
  • Gain clear insights for important decisions

duracan tablet
Brandpepper makes your organization insight

Is your organization a clear custom CRM system? Brandpepper takes care of the deployment device and the CRM system. For more information, contact Brandpepper using the form on the contact page or call us on 026 – 36 35 552


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