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Most professional and boutique cheap viagar no perscription SEO services out there add manual directory distribution as part of the overall wholisitic link building approach for sites looking to attain first page positions in the search engines. For a brand new website, directory submissions can be useful for starting the proverbial ball rolling and gaining some much needed backlinks.

Unfortunately the sad truth is that in ultra competitive niches, such as finance and pharmaceutical industries, these SEO companies will insist on directory submissions and think they can improve the ranking of your site. The truth is that the weighting (or Authority) that search engines labels these directories is actually quite low, however there are two stellar directories that have stood the test of time and that many search engines place a lot of importance on, and they are Yahoo and DMOZ Directories.

DMOZ is the mother of all directories and is monitored by real humans and includes the largest repository of online business listings on the web. Although the sign off part can take weeks and even months, a link in DMOZ is very important. Yahoo directory is the other powerful, albeit expensive with a yearly charge. The majority of of the sites in the first page of Google have a Yahoo listing, so that should give you an idea about the added benefits of this directory!

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